Who is CEP?

CEP is a German brand of functional sportswear for performance improvement and recovery, using targeted compression.

All the products are developed in collaboration with renowned scientists, sports physicians, pro athletes and designers specifically for the respective sport. As the sports brand of Medi, the world's leader in medical compression, all CEP products are produced to the highest quality standards.

CEP 是一個德國功能性運動品牌,產品透過對各個身體部份的壓縮來改善和恢復身體機能,有助大大提升運動表現。
CEP 的所有產品都是與知名科學家、運動醫師、職業運動員及設計師合作開發的,針對各項運動並有效提升您的運動表現。
作為全球醫療壓力襪領導者 medi 的運動品牌,所有 CEP 產品均按照最高品質標準所生產。


Demanding – Activating – Enjoyable: CEP helps you activate your full potential and offers products for your entire body – with and without compression. 

Whether you’re a passionate runner or high-performance athlete – you want the best gear. CEP has just what you’re looking for and helps you reach your athletic goals with ease and enjoyment. CEP products activate and support various endogenous functions by applying physical pressure to your skin – during strenuous activities and while you recover. 

At CEP we are always asking 'what's next?' We challenge ourselves to go beyond what's been done, and push ourselves to discover what hasn't. We combine creativity, technology, design, and science to create products that redefine limits and advance the world of compression. All of our products are manufactured in a medical facility, where the standards of pharmaceutical compression are required. Each sock undergoes 16 quality checks and rigorous testing to ensure these requirements are met. Our standards of quality are forever increasing, therefor we don't only meet your expectations, we surpass them. Our parent company, medi, based in Bayreuth, Germany has been a world leader in pharmaceutical compression since 1951. Backed by science and trusted by doctors, our German engineered products are created with integrity and designed with athletes in mind.

CEP is a leading manufacturer of compression sportswear and a brand of medi®, an internationally successful company founded in 1951 in Bayreuth, Germany. CEP launched production of high-tech compression socks in 2007 based on the medical expertise of its parent company, medi®, a leading global manufacturer of medical compression products.