Why Compression?

➤ Less Muscle Vibrations Reduce Fatigue
➤ More Energy and Greater Endurance
➤ Improved Joint Stabilization
➤ Increase Circulation
➤ Faster Recovery
➤ Prevent Blisters

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Who is CEP?

CEP is the only medical grade sportswear brand in the world provides targeted compression for performance improvement and recovery.
Supported by the parent company medi®, the world's leader in medical compression with more than 70 years of technical experience.

All the products are developed in collaboration with renowned scientists, sports physicians, pro athletes and designers specifically for the respective sport.
Produced to the highest quality standards.

➤ Medically Based ➤ Athlete Driven ➤ Made by Medi ➤ Made in Germany

Durable socks


➤ 更少的肌肉振動可以減少疲勞
➤ 更多的能量和更強的耐力
➤ 改善關節的穩定性
➤ 增加循環
➤ 更快的恢復
➤ 防止起泡



CEP 是世界上唯一具有針對性壓縮運動服品牌的醫療級運動服品牌,用於提高運動表現和恢復能力。
母公司 medi®, 是醫療壓力領域的全球領導者,擁有 70 多年的技術經驗。


➤ 基於醫學 ➤ 運動員驅動 ➤ Medi 製造 ➤ 德國製造

  • During/After Sports

    - Speed Up Recovery
    - Stabilizes Muscles
    - Legs feel lighter

  • Shopping/ At Work

    - Relieves General Pain & Discomfort
    - Eliminates Heavy Leg Sensation
    - Prevents Varicose Veins

  • Injured

    - Protects from Further Injury
    - Speeds Healing Process
    - Relieves Pain

  • During Flights

    - Reduces Pressure and Swelling in Legs and Feet
    - Prevents Restless Leg senastion
    - Prevents Blood Clots

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